Volume 102/1 (2009)


Wolfgang SCHLAGER & John J.G. REIJMER:

Carbonate platform slopes of the Alpine Triassic and the Neogene - a comparison
Keywords: microbial carbonate, carbonate platform, debris, slope, mud

Jeroen A.M. KENTER & Wolfgang SCHLAGER:

Slope angle and basin depth of the Triassic platform-basin transition at the Gosaukamm, Austria

Keywords: Northern Calcareous Alps, carbonate platform, clinoform, Triassic

Leopold KRYSTYN, Gerhard W. MANDL & Martin SCHAUER:

Growth and termination of the Upper Triassic platform margin of the Dachstein area (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)

Keywords: Northern Calcareous Alps, Conodont stratigraphy, Carbonate platform, Donnerkogelkalk, Dachsteinriffkalk, Norian-Rhaetian

Diethard SANDERS & Eugen ROTT:
Contrasting styles of calcification by the micro-alga Oocardium stratum Naegeli 1849 (Zygnematophyceae) in two limestone-precipitating spring creeks of the Alps

Keywords: biocalcification, fibrous calcite, tufa limestone, microbialite, spring tufa, Oocardium

Alastair M.D. GEMMELL & Christoph SPÖTL:
Attempts to date the Hötting Breccia near Innsbruck (Austria), a classical Quaternary site in the Alps, by optically-stimulated luminescence

Keywords: luminescence dating, palaeoenvironment, Hötting breccia, early Würmian, talus deposit, Austria

Bruno MEURERS & Diethard RUESS:
A new Bouguer gravity map of Austria)

Keywords: geophysical indirect effect, gravity map stripping, 2D density model, Bouguer anomaly, Eastern Alps

Jean Marie TADJOU, Robert NOUAYOU, Joseph KAMGUIA, Houetchack Ludovic KANDE & Eliezer MANGUELLE-DICOUM:
Gravity analysis of the boundary between the Congo craton and the Pan-African belt of Cameroon

Keywords: crustal discontinuity, spectral analysis, 2D1/2 modeling, Congo craton, Moho depth, Pan-African, analysis

Melanie KEIL & Franz NEUBAUER:
Initiation and development of a fault-controlled, orogen-parallel overdeepened valley: the Upper Enns Valley, Austria

Keywords: tectonic geomorphology, surface uplift, Eastern Alps, neotectonics, fault control, block tilting, glaciation

The archaic sanctuary on Despotiko Island (Cyclades): Geological outline and lithological characterization of the building stones, with their possible provenance

Keywords: Attic-Cycladic Crystalline, sea-level change, geoarchaeology, quarries, Aegean, Greece

Johann HOHENEGGER, Fred RÖGL, Stjepan ĆORIĆ, Peter PERVESLER, Fabrizio LIRER, Reinhard ROETZEL, Robert SCHOLGER & Karl STINGL:
The Styrian Basin: a key to the Middle Miocene (Badenian/Langhian) Central Paratethys transgressions

Keywords: Badenian Transgressions, Chronostratigraphy, Central Paratethys, Middle Miocene, Styrian Phase, Styrian Basin

Volker SCHULLER, Wolfgang FRISCH, Martin DANIŠÍK, István DUNKL & Mihaela Carmen MELINTE:
Upper Cretaceous Gosau deposits of the Apuseni Mountains (Romania) – similarities and differences to the Eastern Alps

Keywords: fission track dating, Apuseni Mountains, basin modeling, Eastern Alps, Gosau basin

Last glaciation of the Šara Range (Balkan peninsula): Increasing dryness from the LGM to the Holocene

Keywords: Šara Range, Pleistocene, glaciation, Wuermian, LGM, ELA