Volume 103/1 (2010)

Adamantios KILIAS, Wolfgang FRISCH, Asterios AVGERINAS, Istvan DUNKL, George FALALAKIS & Hans-Jürgen GAWLICK:
Alpine architecture and kinematics of deformation of the northern Pelagonian nappe pile in the Hellenides
Keywords: Vardar/Axios Zone, Pelagonian nappe, compression, Hellenides, extension

Andrea Brigitte RIESER, Franz NEUBAUER, Yongjiang LIU & Johann GENSER:

Walking through geologic history across a Neogene, incised anticline of the northern margin of the Tibetan plateau:
review and synthesis

Keywords: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, stable isotope analysis, provenance analysis, Qaidam Basin, Altyn Tagh

Martin K. REISER, Thomas SCHEIBER, Bernhard FÜGENSCHUH & Ulrich BURGER:

Hydrological characterisation of Lake Obernberg, Brenner pass area, Tyrol

Keywords: Brenner Mesozoic, Groundwater, Lake Level, Rockfall, Tunnel, Spring

The Drowning Sequence of Mount Bürgl in the Salzkammergut Area (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria): Evidence for a
Diachronous Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Drowning of the Plassen Carbonate Platform

Keywords: Shallow-water carbonates, Northern Calcareous Alps, Hemipelagic carbonates, Platform drowning, Neotethys realm,

Eastern Alps

Reinhard F. SACHSENHOFER, Birgit LEITNER, Hans-Gert LINZER, Achim BECHTEL, Stjepan ĆORIĆ, Reinhard GRATZER,

Deposition, Erosion and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Oligocene Eggerding Formation (Molasse Basin, Austria)

Keywords: Alpine Foreland Basin, Submarine Slide, Source Rock, Palynology, Paratethys

Cornelius TSCHEGG, Theodoros NTAFLOS, Franz KIRALY & Szabolcs HARANGI:
High temperature corrosion of olivine phenocrysts in Pliocene basalts from Banat, Romania

Keywords: Cenozoic/Quaternary volcanism, high temperature corrosion, Carpatho-Pannonian Basin, olivine geochemistry,


Eun Young LEE:
Subsidence history of the Gunsan Basin (Cretaceous-Cenozoic) in the Yellow Sea, offshore Korea

Keywords: Northern South Yellow Sea Basin, Subsidence history, Gunsan Basin, Backstripping, Yellow Sea, Korea

A slope-basin model for early Paleogene deep-water sedimentation (Achthal Formation nov. nom.) at the Tethyan continental
margin (Ultrahelvetic realm) of the European Plate (Eastern Alps, Germany)

Keywords: Northwestern Tethys, Upper Cretaceous, Lower Paleogene, Ultrahelvetic unit, nannoplankton, dinoflagellates,

Eastern Alps, slope-basin

Alexander LUKENEDER:
Lithostratigraphic definition and stratotype for the Puez Formation: formalisation of the Lower Cretaceous in the Dolomites
(S. Tyrol, Italy)

Keywords: Valanginian-Albian, Early Cretaceous, Puez Formation, Stratotype, Dolomites, Italy