Volume 107/2 (2014)

Reinhard ROETZEL, Arjan de LEEUW, Oleg MANDIC, Emo MÁRTON, Slavomír NEHYBA, Klaudia F. KUIPER, Robert

Lower Miocene (upper Burdigalian, Karpatian) volcanic ash-fall at the south-eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif in Austria –
New evidence from Ar/ Ar-dating, palaeomagnetic, geochemical and mineralogical investigations (online appendix)

Keywords: 40Ar/39Ar - geochronology, magnetostratigraphy, zircon studies, geochemistry, Burdigalian, Karpatian, Straning

Slavomír NEHYBA:

Soft-sediment deformation structures in Lower Badenian (Middle Miocene) foreshore sands and their trigger mechanism
(Carpathian Foredeep Basin, Czech Republic)

Keywords: foreshore deposits, Lower Badenian, density gradient, paleoseismicity, liquefaction, fluidization

Franz-Josef BROSCH & Gerald PISCHINGER:
Small- to meso - scale brittle rock structures and the estimation of “paleostress” axes – A case study from the Koralm region

Keywords: paleostress analysis, brittle tectonics, Koralm Tunnel, Florianer beds, Eastern Alps, Badenian, Koralpe

Andreas K. DONADEL, Giorgio HÖFER-ÖLLINGER, Hartwig E. FRIMMEL & Lothar SCHROTT:
Evolution of Late- to Postglacial River Confluences in Overdeepened Alpine Valleys – Saalach and Königsseeache (Austria)

Keywords: Postglacial evolution, Deep Alpine Valley, Fluvial sediments, Landslide, Salzburg, River

Hermann HÄUSLER, Alexander KOPECNY, Diethard LEBER, Michael WAGREICH, Susanne GIER & Sabine

Sedimentology of the Late Pleistocene to Holocene Paleolake Merzbacher in the Northern Inylchek Valley
(Central Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan)
Keywords: Northern Inylchek Glacier, Soft-sediment deformation, Grain size distribution, Central Tien Shan, Lake Merzbacher,
Clay mineralogy, Crossite


Multivariate geostatistical analysis of sedimentary infill in the Upper Salzach valley, Austria

Keywords: Variogram-based interpolation and simulation, Multiple point statistics, 3D subsurface modeling, Eastern Alps

Ildikó GYOLLAI, Dieter MADER, Márta POLGÁRI, Friedrich POPP & Christian KOEBERL:
Lack of evidence for impact signatures in Neoproterozoic postglacial deposits from NW-Namibia

Keywords: Snowball Earth, Neoproterozoic, boundary layer, impact event

Siding JIN, Hua WANG, Haiyang CAO, Si CHEN, Zhengliang LIN, Jianghao YU & Songqi PAN:
Sedimentation of the Paleogene Liushagang Formation and the response to regional tectonics in the Fushan Sag, Beibuwan Basin,
South China Sea

Keywords: Liushagang Formation, Tectonic evolution, Beibuwan Basin, Sediment infill, Fushan Sag

A. M. Celâl SENGÖR, Boris A. NATAL'IN, Rob van der VOO & Gürsel SUNAL:

A new look at the Altaids: A superorogenic complex in northern and central Asia as a factory of continental crust. Part II:
palaeomagnetic data, reconstructions, crustal growth and global sea-level (online appendix, Plate 1a, Plate 1b)
Keywords: subduction-accretion complexes, growth of continental crust, Central and Northern Asia, palaeomagnetism,
Eduard Suess, island arcs, sea-level

Communications of the Society: Hermann HÄUSLER:

Josef-Michael Schramm – Founder of the Working Group “Wehrgeologie” of the Austrian Geological Society. A contribution
to the history of the working group.